Sex pistols pretty vacant live 2007

Live, Nashville Rooms, London, 3rd April 1976. Live, Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 4th June 1976. Live, Screen on Green, 29th August 1976. Live recordings of Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks and The Clash. Disc 1 features the Buzzcocks and The Clash.

Disc 2 features the Sex Pistols. Live 76 Club, Burton upon Trent, 24th September 1976. The most complete recording available of this show. Live Electric Circus, Manchester, 9th December 1976 and Leeds Polytechnic, 6th December 1976. Tracks 14 – 23 The Clash – Manchester 9th December 1976. Track 15: Caerphilly TV news item.

Tracks 16 – 25 Buzzcocks – Manchester 9th December 1976. This collection brings together the Pistols, The Clash and Buzzcocks, live at the Electric Circus, Manchester. The sets surfaced on CDR in 2003. Tracks 8 – 14 recorded October 1976 at Wessex Studios, not July 1976 at Denmark Street, as listed. Live, Student Karen, Stockholm, 28th July 1977.