Sex pistols pretty vacant live 1977 toyota

There are some minor sound modulations and it is a generally noisy sounding tape with lots of static. Pretty Vacant in Don Letts’ Punk Rock Movie. Overall this is a pretty good audience tape but it does suffer at times from a bit of modulation in levels, which sounds like the taper either moving in the crowd or fiddling with the recorder. Historically this is an important gig since it marks SID’s debut. How many notice the fucking difference? This shows what was to be the beginning of some very loosely played gigs as far as the music is concerned. The fact that once again the gig seems to be split over two versions is definitely a drawback.

Also this isn’t the best gig the band ever played. It is very loose and there are a couple of false starts, etc. Video – Anarchy, Pretty vacant, Problems filmed by a French film crew, which has appeared in many various forms. Basically this is a cut and paste bootleg of a bootleg, where people looked at a set list in the day-by-day book and duplicated it. Too bad the real versions of the other songs they played that day haven’t turned up. The sound does suffer at times from various amounts of feedback. This is one of those important ones if only because it is the first night of the tour.

The overall sound of this tape is terribly muddy. Another decent gig with the band playing quite well, and there doesn’t seem to be the sonic problems of the previous night. A decent gig if somewhat not that memorable. Yeah right, that’s just because I wasn’t there. There are also some pretty regular sound fluctuations throughout the tape but the overall quality is average at best so that does detract.

Thankfully this is one of the gigs that has come out on many bootleg LP’s so it is pretty easy to come by and it’s fairly decent quality considering. The recording for the most part is fairly clear. The band with the exception of Sid plays well. The sound quality is unfortunately a drawback as the bassy tone is unfortunate, and obviously Sid’s fuck ups don’t make it one that your gonna want to listen to a lot if you have quite a few Pistols tapes. Thankfully there are no real edits or cuts and sonically it stays the same. The ‘old’ tape has been doing the round for years.