Sex pistols live at the 76 club

New bootlegs are inserted into their appropriate place in the timeline. The exception is the “Fan Club EP” series which are grouped together. Compilations and box sets are listed at the bottom of the sex pistols live at the 76 club. 7″ Surfaced March 2014 in Greece.

Originally Swedish, repressed in USA with plain labels. Cover was exact repro of original. Listen to the fight during Pretty Vacant. Chris Spedding Demos, Majestic Studios 15th May 1976. Live, Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 4th June 1976. Originally released in plain white sleeve.

These two covers surfaced shortly after the bootleg itself. Album also known as The Good Time Music Of The Sex Pistols. Released August 1977, the 1st ever Pistols bootleg release. A limited edition of 100 orange vinyl copies also pressed. The tracks comprise the encore from the gig featured on the LP I Swear I Was There. Available in pink and yellow vinyl.

Studio recordings of Anarchy In The UK July and October 1976. Surfaced November 2008 on European auction site. Features 4 different takes of Anarchy In The UK from 1976. Comes with Anarchy poster, jigsaw, and Anarchy tour flyer. Live, Barbarella’s, Birmingham, 14th August 1976.

A picture of the LP cover appears in the book ‘Satellite’, and is listed as an acetate. The concert does exist in full on tape. Screen On The Green, Islington, 29. Live, Screen on Green, 29th August 1976. Released on black vinyl and a limited edition of 100 pink vinyl copies which come with yellow Pistols T-shirt.

Also 30 test pressings with tea towel. No record company is stated on the label. Features performances not included on the LP of the same name. Live, Chelmsford Prison, Chelmsford, 17th September 1976. The recording is reportedly taken from “master tapes” and is in the correct order, unlike previous releases of this gig.

The LP of the same name features the main set. Album states live at Punk Rock Festival, London, 20th September 1976. However, evidence suggests 100 Club, 31st August 1976. 4 tracks from the concert are missing: Anarchy In The U. However, ‘Flowers Of Romance’ is included, although not listed. The original track listing included I Wanna Be Me as the final song, but failed to list Problems, although it was included.