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Are some people opposed to the VHEMT concept? How do I order stickers, T-shirts, and stuff? Aren’t the wrong people making babies these days? Shouldn’t I pass on my genes? What about the human instinct to breed? Do we have to stop having sex?

Will new viruses, wars, famine, and toxic waste help the cause of human extinction? Are we all supposed to kill ourselves? Won’t VHEMT die out when all its members die off? Why don’t you just kill yourself? Is this another one of those suicide cults?

Birth rates are dropping all over the world. If we only produce two children, doesn’t that just replace ourselves? Will lower Infant Mortality Rates cause lower Total Fertility Rates? Is parenthood bad for Earth’s ecology? What’s the big deal about animals going extinct? Are humans the most important species on Earth? How do I gauge the depth of my ecology?

Don’t humans have a place in Nature? Isn’t over-population just a human distribution problem? Won’t Mother Nature restore a balance if we get too over-populated? Why not just get our population down to a sustainable size? Does a growing economy require a growing population? Who will pay our social security when we’re old?

Is conservation the answer to resource depletion? Isn’t over-population worse in poor countries? Is unequal distribution of wealth the cause of hunger rather than over-population? Wealthy countries have low fertility rates, so why not just increase a nation’s GDP and let birth rates fall naturally?