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Infection with the virus results in progressive deterioration of the immune system, leading to “immune deficiency. The immune system is considered deficient when it can no longer fulfil its role of fighting live sex tb and disease. It is defined by the occurrence of any of more than 20 opportunistic infections or HIV-related cancers.

It may also be transmitted between a mother and her infant during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. How many people are living with HIV? According to estimates by WHO and UNAIDS, 36. 7 million people were living with HIV globally at the end of 2016. 8 million people became newly infected, and 1 million died of HIV-related causes.

How quickly does a person infected with HIV develop AIDS? The length of time can vary widely between individuals. 10 years, although this can be shorter. What is the most common life-threatening opportunistic infection affecting people living with HIV? 400 000 people living with HIV in 2016.

It is the number one cause of death among people with HIV in Africa, and a leading cause of death in this population worldwide. How can I limit my risk of HIV transmission through sex? Use male or female condoms correctly each time you have sex. Remain faithful in a relationship with an uninfected equally faithful partner with no other risk behaviour.