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Unemployed lumber worker goes with his wife to the bean harvest. Note Social Security number tattooed on his arm. A public records search shows that 535-07-5248 belonged to one Thomas Cave, born July 1912, died in 1980 in Portland. Which would make him 27 years old when this picture was taken.

Medium format safety negative by Dorothea Lange. I have a little more information about this gentleman, if anyone is interested. Thomas Urs Cave, because it looks like his real name was Tillman Thomas Urs Cave. I initially found a census record for a Thomas U Cave in 1940.

At the time he was renting a house in Shasta, Oregon, and stated that he was a truck driver who had an eighth grade education. Ann Kathryn per the grave marker? His wife was a woman named Vivian, who was a fruit picker on a farm. I believe Vivian is the lady in the photograph. SSA death record already posted about. But a census record for 1920 caught my eye because the young boy, Tilman T Cave, had a sister called Juanita – the same name Thomas gave his daughter in 1949 per the newspaper announcement. In 1920 Tilman and Juanita lived with their parents, Tilman B and Sarah N Cave, on a farm in Buckham, Oregon.

I realize the names change during this time. I’ve known plenty of people who go by their middle name, which would account for Tillman Benjamin becoming Benjamin T, and it’s possible that Sadie is a pet name for Sarah given the shared middle initial of ‘N’. As for the sudden jump from Oregon to LA and back, I’m guessing a lot of people migrated for possible work. The clincher record: a 1934 marriage record of a Tillman T.

The witnesses’ signatures are Benjamin Cave and Saddie Cave. Unfortunately I still can’t find Tillman or Thomas Cave in the 1930 census, but we’re at the mercy of both the census-takers and transcribers here. 1940 says Vivian worked as a picker on a Fruit Farm, but it has been transcribed in the index as a Kunt Farm. I don’t even want to imagine what one of those would be. If any of the previous posters are still reading this, or new readers comes across this, I hope you find this information of interest! The grave marker said he was a Sgt during WWII. One of the lucky ones to have made it to the end after enlisting in 1942.

Does anyone have the ability to look up his service record? Would love to know what he did and where he was during WWII. British musician, singer and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of the rock band Queen. I love checking out Shorpy everyday, and it’s a double pleasure when such a handsome picture pops up.