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Skip the popcorn garbage at your local sticky-floored multiplex and head to Lincoln Center, where they usually host fancy stuff like the opera. 25 for non-members — but here, you’ll see documentary debuts, revivals not seen on the big screen for years, and have the chance to hear from industry insiders. The fall holiday season kicks off with Halloween. It’s a fairly low-stakes affair regardless of your relationship status.

Check out our guide to the sweet and sexy Halloween parties, masquerade balls, costume contests, haunted houses, and spooktacular tours you can hit all October long. We hear artificial fright might be an aphrodisiac. It’s easy to forget that there’s a world beyond New York City’s air, sound, and light pollution, but romance inspires all of us to want to reach out and touch the stars. Visit the High Line on Tuesdays between 8 and 10pm and peer into the sky through park-provided high-powered telescopes — no quarters necessary. You could quietly change your relationship status on social, or you could introduce your new flame to your rando old high school friends, rando influencer followers, and rando whoever’s still on Snapchat with a colorful splash.