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Take a look at some of the other fantastic photos submitted by clicking Weekly Sea Glass Photos. Have a sea glass photo you would like to submit? Enthusiasts from near and far travel to the quaint beach town of Cayucos, California every spring for The Cayucos Sea Glass Festival. As one of the premier events on the Central Coast, visitors come from all over the country to enjoy a weekend of local artisan goods, fun in the sun, live music, and of course an extensive marketplace of the finest sea glass art. For up-to-date details and more info visit Cayucos Sea Glass Festival.

For a sea glass jewelry idea try a simple wire wrap pendant. Here’s a list of the scheduled sea glass festivals and events for 2012. The travel section of the Sea Glass Journal. Check out all the sea glass festivals that have been submitted to the Sea Glass Journal. The sixth annual North American Sea Glass Festival, Long Branch, NJ.

LiVEJOURNAL, is a Russian social networking service where users can keep a blog, journal or diary. Two users can have no relationship, they can list each other as friends mutually, or either can “friend” the other without reciprocation. RSS feeds in addition to individual users. Generally, “friending” allows a user’s friends to read protected entries and causes the friends’ entries to appear on the user’s “friends page. Features common to all accounts Each journal entry has its own web page, which includes the comments left by other users.

In addition, each user has a journal page, which shows all of their most recent journal entries, along with links to the comment pages. The friends list provides various syndication and privacy services, described below. Each user has a friends page, which collects the most recent journal entries of the people on their friends list. The S2 programming language allows journal templates to be modified by members. Users may upload graphical avatars, or “userpics,” which appear next to the username in prominent areas as on an Internet forum.

Users can have 150 to-do list items. Each to-do list item must have a subject, priority, details and descriptions, status, percent done, due date and categories field. Photos and voice posts that have been uploaded there are easy to include in the log entry. Users who are interested in a particular subject can find or create a community for this subject. Owners who are supervising the community and capable to use all administrative functions that are available for managing the community. Maintainers usually use their own user accounts to supervise a community, control its settings and Community Info, perform some administrative functions. Moderators can approve or reject messages left by participants, add existing records label or tags, approve requests to join a community, hide and freeze comments.

Members can see the community’s members-only entries. For Communities with fewer than 500 members, the entire Members list will be displayed on a Community Info page. In February and March 2003, there was an effort, nicknamed the Bazaar, to boost volunteer performance by offering money in return for “wanted” enhancements or improvements. Nowadays, voluntary contributions to the software are considered for inclusion less and less as the company has acquired more and more paid employees who focus on the organization’s commercial interests. There is also a sizable Russian contingent. These pieces are often tied to weekly virtual gift promotions, where commenters that meet a certain criterion will receive a free v-gift sent by Frank.