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So please read the whole text, it will be useful to you, I promise. There are many online guides to Amsterdam, but I absolutely guarantee you won’t find a guide like this  one anywhere else on the Web. But for all of you who want to go to Amsterdam with a purpose of getting wild like you’ve been never in your life, this is the site you’ve been searching for! However, that doesn’t mean that the Red Light District is a “cakewalk” as many present it. It is NOT a safe place. The girls will rip you off if you don’t know the real prices and what’s included.

The thieves will take everything you’ve got if you’re not armed with knowledge on how they operate. Mixing legal drugs and legal prostitution can get you in some serious legal trouble as well. Please understand that the purpose of this guidebook is not to scare you, create paranoia, or any kind of negative mood before your trip to Amsterdam. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ve lived and worked in Amsterdam for the last five years. What can I say – I love the District.

I’ve seen it all, fucked it all and figured I should share my experience with you. History I guess you’re a normal, red-blooded guy who prefers window-shopping for beautiful girls to a long history lecture, so I keep it short and sweet instead. I know what you’re going to say now. What do you mean when I’ll go? All these canals and narrow streets of Amsterdam can seriously confuse any foreigner, even the one armed with a map.

In many ways, walking around the Red Light District is similar to being a kid in a toy store. There’re so many sexy girls luring you into their windows that it’s very hard to choose the one you’ll actually spend some quality time with. There’re certain things you must discuss with a girl before entering her window and sealing the deal to ensure she doesn’t screw you financially. How to Talk With a Girl? Buying some time with the girl of your wet dreams ain’t easy as flashing your money and entering her window for some energetic humping. Prostitution being legal and all, every girl in the Red Light District can choose whether she wants to accept you as her client or not.